It's Arty Time!

Below are the descriptions of all of the Arties offered. Most Arties are appropriate for ages 1-6, but can be custom tailored for older kids, too! All of the Arties can be modified based on theme, size and location of your event! These descriptions are great jumping off points if you don't know exactly what you want or what would be most appropriate for your event. We can fine tune your party to be exactly what you envision.


Have a major idea and just need help executing? Want to include custom party favors? Just contact us, and we can help! Let us know your party's size and specifics for a quote!

Music Time

"Music Time" is 20-25 minute music and Story Time that can be added to any party--or be the whole party! "Music Time" is appropriate for kids between the ages of 1-5, and is especially appreciated by kids 2-4. We'll sing, play instruments and be super silly. Story Time will come next, and the book can be one of our favorites, or one of yours!

Drawing Arty

Using all kinds of dryer mediums--pencils, markers, dot markers, stickers, cray-pas, tape--kids will layer their materials to make cards, posters, canvases and collaborative murals. Depending on your space and the age range of the party, the materials can be left open-ended or be tailored to a party theme.

Guided Play Arty

Great for little ones 2 and a half and younger, this arty will set up various open ended projects and will encourage your little one's natural impulse to create! It will combine drawing, painting, sculpture and collage. This arty works best when parents or caretakers engage also, creating a fun and dynamic arty atmosphere!


Messy Arty

A great party for a wide range of little ones! Depending on your space and the age range of your group, we will come up with a fun, engaging project(s) using all kinds of messy stuff! Paint, glue, shaving cream, flubber--you name it. Your little ones can leave with individual pieces, or we can make a collaborative piece for someone to take home. Don't worry! We'll tailor the messiness to your space!


Custom Arty

Have a crazy idea? Don't know how to make it happen? Let's do it together! From wild themes: mad scientists, the circus, and pirate ships--to different kinds of artmaking: clay sculpting, animation, murals, costumes, performance, imagination games... the list goes on! I have a varied background as an artist, and will use it to your party's advantage.

Play Groups


Play groups are one hour, in-home sessions, with 3-6 kids, and can include music, story time and/or art making. These groups should be organized ahead of time, and can be one-off sessions, or we can schedule 4-8 sessions ahead of time. Contact for a quote for different timing, amount of children, or activity!

Music + Story Time (0-3):

           1 session: $15/per child

           4 sessions: $12/per child

Art-making + Story time (1-5):

           1 session: $20/per child

           4 sessions: $16/per child

Art-making + Music + Story Time (1-5):

           1 session: $25/per child

           4 sessions: $20/per child